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A Guide to Milestone Photography for Baby’s First Year

Time is such an inexplicable phenomenon when you have a little life in yours. On the one hand we have all heard - & at times no doubt related to – the saying ‘the days are long but the years are short’ but what nobody prepares you for is how those days turn into weeks which become months all in what can feel like the blink of an eye.

Motherhood is overwhelming. Motherhood is busy, chaotic & unstructured so let us cross one thing off the never-ending mental ‘to do’ list. Let us plan to capture the milestones before they become a distant memory.

D O N ' T W A K E T H E B A B Y !

‘ N e w b o r n S h o o t ’

7 – 1 4 d a y s

Technically babies are in their ‘newborn phase’ for the first two months of their lives, and I'm more than happy to capture your little one at any age; but in order to capture them at their teeny-tiniest, I usually recommend newborn sessions to be done in the first two weeks after they are born. In these very early days your baby will still be all curled up and sleepy which lends itself well to all those squishy poses & the shots of them looking so perfectly peaceful.

W H O ‘ S S I T T I N G S M A R T L Y ?

‘ S i t t e r S h o o t ‘

6 – 9 m o n t h s

Once your little one is sitting steadily & unaided it is time to get in for their ‘sitter shoot’ because before you know it they will be off & that, let me tell you mamas, is a w h o l e other kettle of fish! Being able to sit up is a huge milestone in your baby’s life because it opens up a whole new world for them with regards to play, exploration &, of course, communication – imagine going from staring at the ceiling to being able to scan your surroundings & soak up all those smiles!

H O W O N E – D E R F U L !

‘ F i r s t B i r t h d a y S h o o t / C a k e S m a s h ‘

2 – 3 w e e k s p r i o r t o t h e i r b i r t h d a y

Ahhh the big day is almost upon you; your baby’s first orbit around the sun, the anniversary of the day you became their mummy. Emotions always run high for this milestone & although I cannot tell you when your baby got so big I can offer you a tissue & a shoot to help you celebrate. Whether you are looking for a cake smash or something a little more traditional, baby’s first birthday is definitely something you will want to capture.

& f o r a n y t h i n g e l s e . . .

…please do not hesitate to get in touch! It might be a Christmas mini shoot, a family portrait, your first Mother’s Day or just because! Always remember, this is your Motherhood and I'm here to capture your family at any stage.

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