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Autumn / Winter Style Guide

Autumn has well & truly landed; crunchy leaves underfoot & pumpkin-spiced lattes on the menu. As the temperature begins to drop, we have the opportunity to layer up! So, let's take a look at some seasonal styling suggestions for getting the best out of your family photo shoot.

The Perfect Palette

  • When considering your colour scheme it needs to be exactly that - a collection of complimentary tones & shades rather than everybody wearing the exact same.

  • Think about your location & it’s colours; which shades are going to flatter your surroundings? Warm tones look great against the autumn landscapes while cooler tones of blues and greys can work really well for a winter shoot.

  • You can't go wrong with neutrals - beige, brown & fawn will always compliment skin tones as well as the Autumn landscapes of burnt oranges and the crisp whites & icy greys of Winter.

Tips for your shoot

  • Start with your outfit & mesh the others around it. If you love what you are wearing you will in turn feel more comfortable & you absolutely deserve that.

  • Avoid getting too ‘matchy-matchy’ instead merge various textures & shades that compliment one another.

  • Remember that basics are not a bad thing & are instantly given more depth when layered up. Think chunky knits, cosy scarves and teddy jackets.

  • Stay away from overly bold patterns, text or logos; you want to look at the picture & see you & your surroundings in harmony rather than fighting for attention.

  • Try laying all of the outfits out on the floor before the shoot & see how well the colours & textures compliment one another.

  • Make sure that, whatever outfits you do choose, they are you. The last thing you want is for any of you to feel uncomfortable.

Autumn / Winter run down

Here’s a quick rundown of some failsafe fabrics for adding texture & depth to your photographs this season:

Denim Corduroy Ribbed Knitted Velvet/Velour Suede Teddy Bear/Boucle

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