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Man's Best Friend

It is estimated that 10 million - yes 1 0 m i l l i o n - households in the UK have a four legged friend. We are definitely a nation of dog lovers - myself included - so why not bring them along to your photoshoot? After all, they are part of the family!

We have all heard the phrase ‘never work with children or animals’, - let’s face it - they can be pretty unpredictable! However, the best images are often those that are captured in a split second, unplanned and in the moment, and when that moment includes children and dogs, it's always guaranteed to bring the purest of joy!

If you are wondering whether you could or should bring your dog(s) to your shoot my answer will always be Y E S ! In fact, all animals are welcome, but I’ve only ever had people bring dogs so feel free to surprise me! If you are tempted to bring your pooch (or otherwise) along then take a look at my top tips for ensuring the cutest captures:

  1. Patience is a Virtue: Remember your fur babies have no idea what’s going on so patience is key. They may not always do as you want or sit, stay and pose for the camera. It can take many photos to get a perfect shot, but I'll be ready and waiting with my camera when that moment does happen, and it’s A L W A Y S worth it for cute photos with your companion.

  2. Comfort is Key: Lots of dogs have anxieties just like humans. First & foremost, let’s make sure they are comfortable with what is going on - if you come to a shoot at my home studio they are welcome to have a good wonder around and sniff of their new environment. Water and treats will be provided and it can be a good idea to bring their bed or blanket to make them feel more at home.

  3. Run Wild & Free: Get those zoomies out before the session! It can be hard to photograph a really hyped up dog that just wants to play - have a game of fetch, let them do laps around the house, go on a run, etc. Whatever you need to do to make them a little calmer during the shoot! However, please don't worry if your dog is very excitable, they do tend to calm down after a while.

  4. Come prepared: If you are opting for an outdoor photoshoot then make sure you’ve packed a bag of essentials - treats, portable bowl & water, favourite toys, spare collars, lead, poo bags, towels are just a few things that come to mind!

If you were - or are now- considering bringing your four legged friend along please let me know, it would absolutely make my day!

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