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New Mama's - You've got this!

We have all heard the ‘sleep when the baby sleeps’, ‘stay hydrated & eat well’, ‘take all the help you can get’, ‘don’t be too hard on yourself’ advice but let’s for a moment just be real…

Becoming a mum is like being hit by a bus in the best way. Out of nowhere you are flooded with every feeling & sensation you’ve ever known but somebody has turned the resolution up to 4K.

Your life is now made up of a series of juxtapositions - you are tired but don’t want to sleep in case you miss something, hungry but haven’t noticed because you are all consumed feeding your mini, the happiest you’ve ever been but also the most overwhelmed because of this new little life that has taken over yours.

I get it. We get it. New mama, this is for you:

Fill Your Cup -

The moment you become a mother, your selflessness suddenly knows no bounds but understand that nobody can pour from an empty cup. Self care can look however feels right for you; it doesn’t always have to be the same act & it doesn’t always have to take place at the same time or for the same duration but it is vital that you do something just for you. Every single day. Show up for yourself so that you can show up for your baby.

Take a Deep Breath -

…of fresh air. Every day, at some point - whether that be super early, super late or sometime in between - go outside. Even if you just walk around the block. I promise you the endorphins released from walking in the fresh air will instantly lift your mood & baby will almost definitely fall asleep which means a moment of quiet for your overrun mind.

N O spells no -

It is your baby, it is your motherhood, it is your life. It is okay to say thank you but no thank you to unsolicited advice, to having people in your space, to invitations, to anybody asking to hold your baby - to anything that does not feel right for you.

Guilty as Charged -

Get used to the mum guilt it is completely normal, you will always feel it &, to be really honest, it just highlights what an amazing mama you are. It’s like with anything in life, your peace will come from your acceptance of a situation. You are a Mummy now & you will always feel like you should have done more. Don’t punish yourself with shoulda, woulda, coulda because I’m telling you your baby could not care less, they are just happy to be with you.

Every moment of your motherhood journey will bring with it something different. No two days will look or feel the same & the minute you think you have started to ‘get the hang of it’ your little one will throw you a curve ball & have you back at square one.

But let me ask you, what better place is there to be?

You are in this together, learning together, growing together - & even on the worst days - there will always be beauty to be found.

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