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Spring / Summer Style Guide

The smell of summer is finally in the air; long, dreamy days & the warmth of the sun on your skin – ahhh! As temperatures rise we begin to shed the layers (upon l a y e r s ) of winter warmers & reach for the floaty fabrics, delicate designs and beautiful colours once more! So, let's take a look at some seasonal styling suggestions for getting the best out of your shoot this summer.


When considering your colour scheme it needs to be exactly that—a collection of complimentary tones & shades rather than everybody wearing the exact same colour.

Think about your location & its natural hues; with all of the spring florals & warm sunlight you will be spoilt for choice but try & hone in on one main colour – maybe pink if you're going for a blossom shoot or pastel blues and purples if you fancy a shoot amongst the bluebells - & work your outfits around that!

Remember that less is more & in order to let the scenery of the season speak for itself try to avoid really bright or bold patterns that can be distracting, Delicate floral patterns can look great in spring and summer but mix this with complimentary pastel/neutral counterparts so your outfits don't clash.


As mums we never put ourselves first so please, when you begin to think about outfits, start with yours! If you adore what you are wearing, your confidence will shine through & that is what we love to see!

Try to avoid the matchy-matchy & instead merge various textures, shades, fabrics & styles to create just the right amount of considered cohesion!

To avoid a ‘what I ordered vs what I got’ scenario, try laying all of the outfits out on the floor before the shoot & see how well they compliment one another, or even better try them all on together and see how they look and feel.

Finally, make sure that, whatever outfits you do choose, they are authentically you! Feeling comfortable in front of the camera is key & that will always come more naturally if you turn up as yourself!

If you are ready to book your spring/summer family shoot please drop me an email enquiry – I am always available to answer any questions & cannot wait to capture you in all of your s u n – k i s s e d glory.

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